Go Green


Feeling lethargic while working or studying? Battling early signs of stress?

Adding the right color in the work space can help liven things up!

Recent study claims that color can affect one’s mood so decorating a room according to a specific color will help achieve the desired mood. For example, the color red and yellow help stimulate a lively appetite so ¬†fast food chains mostly use varying shades of this combination.

The color green can help relax, provide energy and keep the mind focused. The mind identifies green to nature which makes the room feel light, spacious, and calm. This encourages people to take deep breaths and the oxygen will relax and energize the brain and body.

So, liven up a room with one of the top spring colors of the year: Tender Shoots Green!


ARQ Curtains Keep Calm pillows, P 499.75

Quirks Paper Clip nest, P 315.00

Umbra Photo frame, P 650.00

Paperthinks Leather notebook, P 450.00

Paperthinks Leather file folder, P 500.00


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